28 dic 2012

Rob Bonfiglio - Mea culpa

Con temas irresistibles como el del vídeo (por cierto a que canción os recuerda el principio) hará las delicias de los amantes del pop al igual que hiciera con los Wanderlust. Una gozada!!!!

Rob Bonfiglio – Mea Culpa (Spotify)


the new album by singer/songwriter Rob Bonfiglio, is a dazzling musical tour-de-force unified by themes of regret, redemption and love. 
Following Bonfiglio's 2006 release "Shine" (as 'The Skies Of America') and 2009's all-solo endeavor "Bring On The Happy", MEA CULPA was
produced, engineered and recorded by Bonfiglio at home. He’s a veritable one-man band, playing all the instruments, following in the grand D.I.Y. tradition of artists like Paul McCartney, Todd Rundgren and Prince. And like those artists, he’s pulled off a mighty difficult trick, delivering a cohesive and dynamic sound full of wily invention and innovation.

Opening with the anthemic “The Message”, a jubilant ode to wide-eyed positivity and the all-encompassing power of pure love, MEA CULPA embraces a confluence of styles and textures, ranging from muscular hard driving rock, incandescent pop, Philly soul and slinky jazz. Powered by a circular guitar riff and blasts of wheezy Dylan-inflected harmonica, with its plea of “live for today” “Eyes on the Prize” declares its pointed lyrical intent, echoing a common thread that weaves throughout the entire record with a recommitment to what really matters.

The insanely catchy “Text Me” follows, bursting out of the speakers like warm sunshine after thirty days of rain, its infectious chorus celebrating the tools of social media for making a love connection against a backdrop of angular guitars, swirling synths and buoyant harmonies.

“No more wasted opportunity” pledges Bonfiglio on the soul searching “Hold on Tight”, a deft marriage of intimate acoustic and electric textures and soaring Hammond organ hard wired to reflective lyrics expressing the desire to be a better man.

The sublime ballad, “Fooled Myself” offers a refreshing change of pace from the album’s rhythmic intensity. Rising jangly piano chords, expressive vocals and tranquil harmonies add to the song’s intimacy, which sports a magnificent slide guitar solo that would surely bring a wide smile to George Harrison’s face. The jazzy “Real Love” shows off the artist’s stylistic versatility and also allows him to demonstrate his impressive chops on the six-string. A native of Philadelphia, Rob’s musical roots shine on this track, its silky smooth soul contours rendering an affectionate homage to Philly International’s classic hits of the ‘70s.

Balancing his career as a solo artist, Bonfiglio is a busy man. He’s the musical leader & guitarist of multi-platinum pop trio, Wilson Phillips (producing their 2012 Sony Masterworks release 'Dedicated"), a member of California Saga, a new musical outfit comprising the offspring of The Beach Boys and is back with acclaimed power pop practitioners, Wanderlust, whose RCA Records debut reaped raves in Billboard. As a songwriter, he’s enjoyed multiple successes with his songs featured prominently in numerous TV shows and films.

Vulnerable, reflective and soul searching, MEA CULPA is the confident work of an artist comfortable in his own skin. Make no mistake, when it comes to this extraordinary and accomplished release, no mea culpa will be necessary.

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released 21 December 2012
all songs written & performed by Rob Bonfiglio
©2012 Carnella Songs BMI

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  1. Si en Wanderlust explora la vena Big Star / Posies, en solitario se deja llevar por su vena Todd Rundgren o Phil Seymour. Parece que el amigo Bonfiglio es una verdadera enciclopedia del power pop!