25 dic 2012

BIG STAR - Jesus Christ

by Stewart Mason
A college radio mainstay every December, Big Star's "Jesus Christ" is that rarity, a Christmas song that's worth hearing year-round. In keeping with the oddball spirit of Third/Sister Lovers, the song starts by fading into an utterly random piano-and-drums jam by Alex Chilton and Jody Stephens, which breaks down and crashes into the song proper after only a few seconds. As for the song itself, "Jesus Christ" is what critics usually have in mind when they compare later bands to Big StarTeenage Fanclub in particular owes nearly its entire existence to this combination of fuzzy/jangly guitars, a deliberately sluggish rhythm section, and Chilton's diffident, arch vocals, which recount the birth of Jesus in a tone that suggests he doesn't believe a word of it. Yet there's an odd sort of beauty to the simple, catchy chorus that trumps the implied sarcasm, making "Jesus Christ" a song that appeals to believers and nonbelievers alike.

Del LP 3rd (1975)

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