24 dic 2012

The View - Cheeky for a Reason

by Matt Collar
Scottish indie rock outfit the View's 2012 album Cheeky for a Reason is a slightly more mature outing that still builds upon the rambunctious pop/rock of the band's previous work. With lead singer Kyle Falconer's Highland brogue spearheading the band's mischievous, playful plug-and-play sound, the Viewhave always had a youthful exuberance that was hard to ignore even when the songs weren't quite the most original or memorable things you've ever heard. On Cheeky for a Reason, it's as if the band, which was a Mercury Prize nominee in 2009, finally tapped into the creative wellspring that often guides the best guitar-based rock bands on a search for the perfect pop song. Sidestepping some of their earlier, more experimental leanings and honing the bar band anthems of 2011's Bread & Circusesthe Viewdeliver a catchy, hook-oriented batch of melodic rock that sticks with you, drawing you back for repeated listens. Tracks like the leadoff "How Long" and the sparkling "AB (We Need Treatment)" zip along with a power pop gallop and feature melodies that grab your ears with a glitter rock insistence. Elsewhere, cuts like the romantic "Bunker (Solid Ground)" and the brooding, spaghetti Western guitar-led "The Clock" have a '70s Fleetwood Mac vibe. Ultimately, by the time you get to the rousing and romantically giddy alt-rock anthem "Lean on My World," it's clear that the View have more than a few reasons to justify their cheekiness on what is their best album yet.

The View – Cheeky for a Reason (Spotify)


2 comentarios:

  1. Una banda como las de antes, buenas canciones con estribillos memorables, alta energía y guitarras para parar un tren. Os recomiendo escuchar un par de veces "How Long" y quedaréis enganchados a este potente grupo.

  2. Buena selección y descubrimiento , podría encajar perfectamente en mi lista de lo mejor de 2012. He estado escuchando el álbum y es estupendo grupo a seguir.