30 dic 2012

Icons of Elegance - Carousel

  • The Icons of Elegance are made up of two brothers who are based in Helsinki and London, and formed the band in 2004 taking their name from a description they saw of Salvador Dali.
  • Since that time they have been honing their trade which you sense has been leading to the production of this fine album. All songs are written and produced by the brothers. The album we are told being recorded mostly live in a studio which has been converted from an old umbrella factory. This is an upbeat pop album of the highest order full of instantly catchy tunes and could well have originated at the height of 1960’s creativity.
    The opening track and album title “Carousel” is a high tempo number full of harmonies and jangling guitars which is followed by “Blonde Little Girl” with hints of Brian Wilson invention which in turn is followed by “Time Will Tell” which you could easily accept as a being a number one single from summers gone by. The album continues in this vein; the key to its freshness being the willingness to embrace and fuse musical styles and instrumentation. “Letter From An Island” has a Hawaiian lilt with horns taking centre stage on “Tales Of Animals” whilst “Maybe She’s a DJ” has a dance beat and is delivered with subtle irony in the style of the Scissor Sisters. This is an album to lift your spirits and make you smile.

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  1. Pop clásico y elegante, como corresponde al nombre del duo. Ahora sólo falta que Jeff Lynne les produzca su próximo álbum...