28 dic 2012


The Gross Club CD 'Members Only' contains a mixture of old and new recordings of the songs they played in the Bristol pubs and Clubs in the period 1978-1981. The material is influenced by punk, mod and the sixties. They formed in a Bristol pub in 1978 with the punk idea that anyone could form a band, even if they couldn't play. Initial results were not impressive but they stuck with it and eventually had a residency in the Crown Pub. The original recordings were done in Cave Studios Bristol. Their single 'Second Chance' was played on Radio 1 by John Peel and they appeared on the BBC supporting Black Roots. The later recordings were started in 2005 with Ian Hammond as drummer and co producer.


The Gross Club – Members Only (spotify)

Simpático trabajo de arqueología musical. Reflejo de la energía, frescura de la época


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