22 mar 2019

Dawn Brothers & Friends ft Coal Harbour - Let's Be There Together

Nadie diría que vienen de Holanda. (de donde es otro artista que recomiendo Tim Knol)

The song: “Let’s Be There Together.”
The album: From the highly anticipated Next of Kin, available April 13.
About the group: Netherlands-born musicians Bas van Holt, Levi Vis, Rowan de Vos, and Rafael Schwiddessen turned the Americana genre on its side with their debut album, Stayin’ Out Late, and gained international fans throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, and France.
About the track: “’Let’s Be There Together’ is a classic Dawn Brothers tune about slight misdemeanor. With catchy lyrics and easy on the ears tunes, it’s a song worth investing in.
About the video: Shot home-video style with a “good old Hi-8 handycam,” it follows the four bandmates in their everyday lives. The montage captures “the best times out on the road with our friends.”
From singer Levi Vis: “Friendship is key in this song. We recorded the song live with fourteen musicians. We tried to capture the same vibe in the video.”
Why we like it: The song has that soul-nourishing, groove-laying, making-music-with-friends vibe. Recorded live with band friends Stefan Wolfs, David Gram, and Merel Sophie, together with the Coal Harbour string and horn section, the tune praises camaraderie, and the video lets us have an inside look at the special friendship and bond that the Dawn Brothers have.

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