9 oct. 2016


No, el rock no ha muerto. Por lo menos mientras los Marah sigan en activo,. Siguen dandolo todo noche tras noche como si fuera el último concierto de sus vidas. No sólo dan energia sino que saben trasmitir sentimientos, vibraciones, humanidad o sea lo que sea eso que sientes al escucharlos.

Mensaje del grupo para Barcelona:
BARCELONA - The Apollo was full of excited people. Stereo MC's "Connected" was playing, tonight as the Marah "walk on" music. "Connected" is a great song, a one chord-er. The groove is miles deep. Sooo fucking British, but in the best possible way. The song makes us crazy. Junior Kimbrough from N Mississippi coulda wrote it.
Up the steps, onto the Apollo stage, people howled, we howled back. Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang... No breaks tonight, no "intermission." Tight curfew, so just one big 2+hour blast of a show. Our Barcelona crowd is a great one. Mad love."Reservation Girl" came at the end. A million songs came before it. Sweating buckets, loud and proud... But right in that "magic pocket" all was right with the world last night.
Martina, Adam and myself rocked the MARAH "Merch" booth after the gig: Thank you!Congratulations!Autograph!Photo!! "Dave please!" People from Germany, Finland, Greece and Philadelphia (WTF) came just to see the Marah too. Diplomats. Proud.
New old English friends as well tonight. Brothers; Nick and Simon. Badasses. (Simon got yours truly out of a tight spot one night in London at that mad little joint next to the Borderline. I was in no shape to get myself out of a paper bag right then so thanks again for that btw Simon.) Been too long.
Then off into the night we went, the band had cervesa in a tiny, old school Barcelona neighborhood. Standing out in the late-night street. Dreamlike temperature. Like California without the pathetic and desperate umbrella hanging over it. Here it is ancient and truly "over it." Anything goes at this time of night, too. Anything. Lee Scratch Perry records hanging in the window of tiny Jamaican record shops. Pot smoke billows out from under the door. If you knocked and you were really honest & cool, they'd let you in, too. Tourists from Germany and London wander around like blind mice, so irresponsibly drunk they announce themselves to the sound of breaking glass. Pickpockets here are without question the finest in the world. Talent. Patience. Technique. Their pray is easy, wits down, reflexes way down, non-existent, Hippos five minutes after being hit by the darts, half-dead fish in a barrel. If you look properly you can see the whole charade playing out at once. So possibly Barcelona could be the best late night "people watching" destination in all of Europe.
Walmart in Lock Haven Pennsylvania probably takes that honor in the USA.
Me and my Brother just bought the kiddos back home some wicked BARCELONA "tourista" tee-shirts, we made a deal with a funny little Turkish gangster selling the dreams back to the tourists. Little red bulls and colorful yellow and red flags. Catalonia! What an amazing place in the world. See you in the Summer 2017. They will never tear us apart again. Viva MARAH.
ZARAGOZA. We are gonna hit you hard tonight, seriously, not jokin, not messing around. Been way too long. Time to RnR. By the Basilica and the Bridge. One night a long time ago we sang "Sweet Home Zaragoza" on a Russian boat in a snowstorm. The circle is closing.
Been listening to Fats Domino in the van, Fats is one of the great ice-cream flavors, like mint chocolate chip maybe, or black raspberry. An irreplaceable original. Fats does one thing that no one else could ever do. The van is a Blue Mercedes Sprinter, our White Sprinter is asleep in Philadelphia. Our van is jealous and wasn't even tired, it wanted to come; Wait up guys! If given the opportunity of a fair fight our Sprinter would cross the ocean like a container full of useless, plastic, Chinese earbuds and sideswipe this new Blue guy like the great white shark that it is and pick us all up in Zaragoza. We could be a family again. Vamos.
This is different!! SERGE is breaking guitar strings now. Never happens. Now several a night, I think it's awesome. We are Rocking the fuck out. Johnathan our (tour manager) is on it. Fast changes, nothing can stop the shows momentum. Adam and SloMo leave no stone unturned. Making the shows happen on a second to second basis,Thank God for them. David Petersen behind the drums, forgetaboutit...
Again!!! THANK YOU Raquel and all at GIBSON GUITARS (Gibson Guitar Español). I'm so madly in love with this red one now. I think it's the greatest gun I've ever carried into battle. See y'all in Madrid.
MOSTLY, THANKS BARCELONA!! Amazing audience, such great people, we love you a lot.

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  1. Desbarrado y magnífico texto, parece escrito segundo a segundo, un tic-tac que reconoce a una Barcelona brillante y también canalla. Perdida su actuación en Madrid, ante tantísimos conciertos tuve que optar por dejar en el camino a Marah.

  2. Una lastima porque creo que actualmente son la mejor banda de rock que se puede ver en directo.

  3. Indudablemente lo dan todo y más en escena y en el resto del local, del que se apropian según les parece. Una banda original, intensa y auténtica, llena de energía y espontaneidad, que vive cada concierto y lo convierte en una pequeña aventura, rompiendo cuerdas de guitarra una tras otra.