16 oct. 2016

Dave's ES-335

Ayuda a que Dave Bielanko temga esta maravilla para seguir deleitandonos en sus conciertos
So this is a way for those of us whose lives have been made better by Dave's music to give back a touch. The number is based on what we hope Gibson España is willing to deal Dave's redhead ES-335 for. We don't have that $ amount yet, so once we get it we'll adjust the goal accordingly. These guys are doing so much to keep the real spirit of rock'n'roll alive and killing it. Let's hook the brother up!!!
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Dave's ES-335

 Monica Bielanko here again... You guys are so fucking cool. In one day we're almost to the goal we think the company will take for the Gibson guitar. Love the Marah community so much! Thank you to everyone who has given! I've loved reading all your super sweet messages on the Go Fund Me page and when Dave gets WiFi (I've been posting his tour recaps when he's able to email them to me) and has a chance to see what's happened he's gonna be absolutely blown away. Y'all are beautiful people. Also, thank you to the kind fella who started the page. Just a really cool thing to do.

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