26 ene. 2013

Frank Bango

biography by Steve Leggett
Fugitive Girls New York City-based singer and songwriter Frank Bango's accessible, classic-sounding pop songs sound refreshingly familiar, almost as if they came out of another less frantic and noisy era. All of this is by design, since Bango and his longtime co-writer, Richy Vesecky, have always aimed for a kind of Brill Building approach in their songs. Handling all steps of the process D.I.Y., from writing, producing, and recording to distribution and marketing, Bango has released four albums on his own Sincere Recordings imprint since 1994, I Set Myself on Fire Today, Fugitive Girls, The Unstudied Sea, and The Sweet Songs of Decay.

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  1. Uno de esos "genios de dormitorio" que aparecen en las listas de power pop, en esta ocasión ni siquiera se levanta de la cama y nos canta - como no - una canción agradable y pegadiza.