11 sept. 2012

King Washington “The Gears”

L.A. powerhouse vocalist Tyson Kelly has the best rock vocals since Ed Roland, and proves it with this superb debut. Joined by lead guitarist George Krikes, bassist Dylan Cronin and drummer Kyle Turek, The Gears is a triumph of sparkling musicianship and high gloss production. You’ll hear Badfinger-like harmonies and hooks aplenty on the title track, its just mesmerizing. And the Helter Skelter opening on “Fourth Of July” leads to snappy melody full of awesome harmonies and guitars. But despite the nods to rock gods of the past, the bands sound is totally unique. More potential “hits” are “Animal” and “Anybody Home” but it runs out of gas by the albums end. However you can’t deny the great tracks on the albums first half, so I’d highly recommend this one.

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  1. Muy adecuado para el día escoger un grupo con un tema llamado "Fourth of July", que es como la diada catalana pero con barras y estrellas. Visca King Washington i Visca Catalunya!!