12 sept. 2012

Dexys Midnight Runners - One Day I'm Going to Soar

review[-]by Jon O'Brien In the 27 years since Dexy's Midnight Runners' last studio album, frontman Kevin Rowland has become more renowned for his financial problems, drug addiction, and of course, his bizarre drag makeover on 1999's career-suicide My Beauty than the wondrous blend of blue-eyed soul, post-punk, and folk-pop that he conquered the charts with in the early '80s. One Day I'm Going to Soar, the band's first release since 1985's poorly received Don't Stand Me Down, doesn't reach anywhere near the heights of "Come On Eileen" or "Geno," but it's far from the embarrassment of his solo effort. Opening track "Now" sets the eccentric tone immediately, as its stately piano riffs and mournful violins make way for a contrasting folksy stomp featuring a typically rousing chant of "Attack! Attack!" while elsewhere, there are solid forays into '70s string-soaked disco ("I'm Always Going to Love You"), lounge bar jazz-soul ("Me"), and best of all, seductive Al Green-esque funk ("She Got a Wiggle"). Ever the showman, Rowland's theatrical tendencies are still as ham-fisted as they were in his heyday, as evident on the melodramatic cabaret number "Look," as on "Incapable of Love," a battle of the sexes duet featuring the equally overblown tones of Madeleine Hyland. There's little need for such a "subtlety of a sledgehammer" approach as Rowland's highly confessional lyrics are dramatic enough on their own. Appearing to revel in picking his own personality apart, there are spoken word notes to self, declarations of independence, and tales of self-loathing, all of which make you feel like you've wandered into a brutally honest but utterly compelling therapy session. One Day I'm Going to Soar hardly justifies the almost-three-decade wait, but it's as marvelously idiosyncratic as any longtime fan could hope to expect.

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  1. A mí los Dexys actuales me recuerdan a la Salseta del Poble Sec (los Dexys son mejores musicalmente....) pero esta canción y esta versión suena mucho a fiesta mayor, igual es el objetivo y al público que va dirigido, pero me huele mal que la prensa inglesa los ponga por la nubes , incluso Mojo dice INSTANT CLASSIC 5 ESTRELLAS !!.En los 70 y al lado de los Stones, Reed , Dylan , Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin , Allman Bros....etc etc este grupo hubiera sido del Festival de Eurovisión y ahora para muchos estará entre lo mejor del año, como cambia todo.

    1. Creo que como a muchos grupos "soul" de los años 80 (ABC, Spandau Ballet, Style Council, Culture Club), a los Dexys (ahora sin el Midnight Runners) hay que tomarlos como música pop británica, y no intentar compararlos con los colosos americanos que les sirven de inspiración (Jackie Wilson, Al Green, etc.). Además, han pasado 30 años y estoy seguro de que Usain Bolt no correrá en 9,65 cuando tenga 50 tacos. Dicho esto, el álbum es muy bueno, y lo que se pierde en juventud se gana en madurez y experiencia (o al menos eso queremos creer)