17 jul. 2013

christian mcneill & sea monsters - "Everything's Up For Grabs"

Poca información he podido recabar de este portento de Boston. Creo que el disco debió publicarse hace dos años pero ahora lo han vuelto a hacer. Pues mejor
Esto dice su web sobre el grupo:

Sea Monsters have built a reputation by  playing music for the right reasons. Lead  by roots-punk rocker Christian McNeill  and using his songs for ammunition, the  band consistently features the best  singer/songwriters and players to grace  the music community in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Founded in March 2007, the collective spans multiple generations, always convening on stage to share ideas and serve the songs—a potent batch that fuses fiery emotion and lasting hooks over a thick backdrop. It’s like the E Street Band hopped up on funk scriptures, or Otis Redding spending time with the Who.
What started as an “anything goes” acoustic forum for a group of songwriters to work on each other’s creations has evolved into Boston’s most electric live act, usually eight-strong on any given night and always welcoming guest musicians. As a result, Sea Monsters have steadily won over a following and built a loyal community, all without the help of modern promotional tools. No website. No Facebook page. No Myspace or Twitter account. Just word of mouth and most importantly, the positive energy that comes from an honest-night’s live experience. There’s no faking it here.  Just songs. Having recently closed the books on their Boston Music Award-winning three-year Sunday residency at Precinct—a cool, dimly lit spot that used to be the headquarters of the Somerville police station—the band has taken to the legendary Q Division Studios to capture the vibe. This is the same room that local greats like Morphine, Aimee Mann, Peter Wolf, Dropkick Murphy’s, and the Pixies have all used to make their bread.
Jesse Dee, Dwight Ritcher, Nicole Nelson, Tim Gearan, and Reva Williams all stopped by to record with the group. It’s just further proof that anytime Sea Monsters convene, the best Boston talent will come calling. The collection of McNeill-penned numbers recorded over the sessions—“Zero,” “Don’t Make Me Wait,” and “If You Need Some,” just to name a few—have been cared for in the most organic of settings, night after night. These songs have never been heard beyond the stages they’ve seen.  For a band that has always put the songs before anything else, it’s only fitting that you can now take them home with you.
Jeff Wallace – music editor – mysecretboston.com

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  1. Impresionante cantante de blues-soul que encuentra en los Sea Monsters un complemento perfecto a su pasión desatada. Creo que Eric Burdon (que también ha editado un potente álbum este año), Tom Jones y Van Morrison se sentirían orgullosos de él.