8 feb. 2013

Love is Onion -- Three Minute Tease

Three Minute Tease is the collaboration of California psychedelic cult hero Anton Barbeau with Andy Metcalfe and Morris Windsor (Soft Boys, Robyn Hitchcock). Barbeau organized and wrote songs for the band as early as 2010, and they recorded with Kimberley Rew (Katrina and The Waves) at her studio in Cambridgeshire,UK. Barbeau has that XTC meets Robyn Hitchcock quality, angular melodies with beautiful obtuse lyrics. If you ever wondered who is the modern day equivalent to Syd Barrett — Barbeau fits it perfectly. “Love Is Onion” is a great opener with its paisley 60′s bass line and great guitar solo. ”Milko II” is a reminded me of Julian Lennon with its slower delicate rhythm. The bouncy “Thanks For Lifting My Leg” is a highlight with its trippy lyric and driving chorus. While not immediately catchy, it is accessible. From the jaunty “Dig My Bones” with the pastoral “Queen of Apples” its clear mood and texture are equally as important as melody to Anton. Dive right in and savor it.

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