21 mar. 2011

Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils - "Birds of Prey"

El sonido no es muy bueno, pero me encanta la canción y el disco, Altamente recomendado!!!!!

Ian Moore and The Lossy Coils "El Sonido Nuevo"
Seattle-based rocker Ian Moore is already a studio veteran as he constructs an excellent album with The Lossy Coils, assisted by bassist Matt Harris (Oranger, Posies) and drummer Kyle Schneider. Blasting out the first song "Secondhand Store" is about the Austin SXSW festival where every hipster is trying to find a payoff. Another gem here "Birds Of Prey" is a perfect roots pop song that fans of Old 97s will appreciate. “The album is a retrenching in the face of a diffuse pop culture landscape,” says Moore, as his jaded take on pop culture is enhanced by some excellent blues riffs added to this song.

A bit more traditional is "Belle, My Butterfly" and on "Newfound Station" the shuffling rhythm and solid musicianship recall Wilco's best moments. But power pop fans will flip over "Silver Station" which brings to mind the best Jason Falkner tune he never wrote. The entire album is full of top shelf melodies and Ian's guitar work is exceptional. This is by far the best alt. country pop album I've heard this year.

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  1. Este tío sabe tocar la guitarra, no he escuchado el disco pero esta canción es prometedora.