26 feb. 2011

Dreaming in Stereo - "Fill My Sky

Dreaming In Stereo "Dreaming In Stereo 2"
Fernando Perdomo returns after a wonderful debut, and there is no sophomore slump here. Fernando balances his guitar virtuosity with equally strong melodies. A variety of instruments and even guest vocalists (Marisol Garcia) support Fernando's mix of Todd Rundgren, Pink Floyd and Jason Falkner. "Fill My Sky" features his exceptional guitar work and solid hook. The gorgeous pyche-pop of "Enough's Enough" is filled with his swirling melody, dreamlike background vocals and strings. Marisol's vocal leads the ballad "Saturday Song" and the Gilmour-esque guitar reverb brings us to the goose bump inducing chorus.

"The Traveler" is a little ear worm that simply won't leave your head with it's "Woah, oh oh" refrain. Every song here leaves an impression, and although some tunes seem a bit derivative, they never get boring. "Standing Still" is a Ringo-ready melody that opens up to rich orchestration. "Open The Door" is a haunting Brian Wilsonesque chant that is both creepy and compelling. Another gem here is "Music All Around Me (Dudley Moore's Last Words)" with a Harrison slide riff and ELO styled arrangement. As long as Perdomo can take those classic power pop influences and wrap them in an intoxicating original package, he'll get my attention. The band definitely deserves a top ten of 2011 mention.

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  1. No lo conocía, pero muy interesante y original, habrá que irlo descubriendo.